Statement on the clarification by a 10 Downing St. Spokesperson regarding the location of the UK embassy

The Palestinian Mission to the UK welcomes the clarification by 10 Downing Street today that “the UK has no plans to move its embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv.”

H. E. Ambassador Husam Zomlot said: “We would like to thank the UK government, opposition parties, faith leaders, activists and members of the public whose efforts have helped keep the UK in line with international law on the matter.

“The question about the location of the UK’s embassy should never have been asked in the first place.

“There is much work to be done to create a conducive environment for peace in the Middle East and make amends for the historic injustice caused by the Balfour Declaration, 105 years ago.

“We call on the British government to play an active role, recognise the State of Palestine, affirm the UK’s support for the rights of Palestinian refugees, ban all illegal goods and products from settlement in occupied territories and sanction companies working in and profiting from them.

“The full and equal application of international law is the way forward towards a lasting and just peace.”


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