Ambassador Zomlot calls on UK to criminalise Nakba denial at UK events to mark the 75th commemoration of the Nakba

On 15 May, UK parliaments marked the 75th commemoration of the Nakba with events in the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, Wales, and Westminster, London.

In Cardiff, the event was attended by Welsh members of the Senedd Cymru and representatives of the Palestinian community in Wales in addition to Palestine solidarity groups.

In his speech, Palestinian Ambassador HE Husam Zomlot called on the UK to criminalise Nakba denialism, which he said has grown significantly over the years.

He said the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, farms and lands constituted a crime against humanity that has not yet been addressed.

“The Nakba is not only something we commemorate. The Nakba is something we are living, generation after generation.”

Ambassador Zomlot called on Senedd members to support the recognition of the State of Palestine in recognition of the Palestinian right to self-determination.

John Griffiths MS, who co-hosted the event, said:

“UN resolutions and international law … must be made to count through pressure and action from the world’s governments.”

Ambassador Zomlot also participated in an event at the British parliament in Westminster, which was organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Palestine (APPG).

The event was attended by UK members of parliament, foreign and Arab diplomats as well as members of the Palestinian community in the UK.

At Westminster, Ambassador Zomlot called on the UK to match word with action in support of international law.

“The current position of the UK government is in line with international resolutions,” Ambassador Zomlot said, “but these are words and when it comes to action, I see no action whatsoever”.

The Palestinian Mission marks the 75th anniversary of Nakba with a series of events that will include an event at the Scottish parliament on 17 May.

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