Discovering Palestine

Palestine invites you to discover why it is a Land of the Heart
With a history that goes back thousands of years, Palestine has long played an important role in human civilisation. A crucible of prehistoric cultures, Palestine is a pivotal part of a region where settled society, the alphabet, religion, and literature first developed. Palestine itself, known as such since at least the time of the ancient Greeks, was a meeting place of cultures and ideas that shaped the world we know today.
It is sacred to the world’s three main monotheistic religions and the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Its rich and diverse past, abundant cultural heritage, and important archaeological and religious sites make Palestine a unique centre of world history.
For Palestinians, this cultural diversity is viewed as a source of pride and wealth. Every part of these thousands of years of settled history plays an integral part in the wider human heritage of those who call this land home. This past informs the Palestinian philosophy of sustainable development and underpins our determination to keep the contemporary cultural identity of the Palestinian people as vibrant as it has always been.
Visitors to Palestine will encounter myriad religious, historical, and archaeological sites. Beyond the historical, Palestine offers walks and hikes in its extensive valleys, along coasts, and through desert hills, towns, and ancient marketplaces at the hearts of cities and villages nestled in breathtaking landscapes.
Visitors will enjoy Palestine’s sumptuous cuisine and, most important, feel the warmth and hospitality of the Palestinian people, Christians and Muslims alike, who will share with them the hopes and aspirations of a nation that is in the process of rebuilding. We have thousands of years of experience of welcoming visitors with a rich hospitality. All will be left with the warm feeling of being at home.

Land of the Heart

Explore Palestine, and connect with your soul… for this it is a Land of the Heart

Palestine is a cradle of civilisations.

It is also at the heart of faith: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have deep ties to the land.

Palestinians pride themselves on their hospitality. Genuine, warm, and welcoming, we will make any visitor feel right at home.

Visit Palestine. Be enchanted by her extraordinary past, her incredible people and her dynamic present.


Things To Do

Visitors to Palestine will be met with a warm and enthusiastic welcome. This tiny area packs in more historical, religious and cultural heritage than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Palestine offers limitless possibilities to outdoor enthusiasts and curious travellers.

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A taste of Palestine

Christmas in Palestine

Christmas in Palestine is a unique experience. Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and there is no better place on earth to spend Christmas. Come see for yourself and pass an exciting, colourful and lively time, while gaining an understanding of both the ancient and recent history of Palestine.
Bethlehem celebrates Christmas from the very beginning of December when the tree is lit in Manger Square to announce the start of a Christmas season that continues until the end of January.
Bethlehem celebrates Christmas from the very beginning of December when the tree is lit in Manger Square to announce the start of a Christmas season that continues until the end of January.
Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it.

Where To Stay

The number of hotels in Palestine is growing quickly with international standard.
In the main tourist destinations, there are a range of accommodations available, from large hotels, boutique hotels, apartment hotels as well as smaller guest houses and lodges.