Ambassador recalled to Palestine for consultation

The Palestinian ambassador to the UK, Husam Zomlot, has arrived in Ramallah having been recalled to Palestine

for consultation regarding the recently signed UK-Israel 2030 roadmap.

The ambassador will discuss what steps the State of Palestine can take in view of an agreement that has serious ramifications for Palestinian rights as enshrined in international law and international resolutions.

“The 2030 agreement represents an abdication of the UK’s responsibilities under international law and the UK’s unique historic responsibility for the Palestinian issue,” Dr Zomlot said earlier this week. 

“The document effectively shields Israel by denouncing attempts to refer Israel to the International Court of Justice as an ‘inappropriate measure’ and denouncing what it defines as a ‘disproportionate focus’ on Israel at the UN,” Dr Zomlot said. 

Ambassador Zomlot and the State of Palestine is seeking urgent clarification from the UK government about its position on Palestine and whether it still supports international law and resolutions.

These stipulate an end to Israel’s occupation that began in 1967, the illegality of Israel’s colonial settlement project in occupied territory and upholding the rights of Palestinian refugees.

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