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The Israeli military seize the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza
President Mahmoud Abbas Speaks at the UN
Condemn Israel for its inhumane use of an obsolete British law
Protect Palestinian child prisoners
Remembering Palestinian Refugees on World Refugee Day
Palestine has lost a true friend
We Palestinians will never tire of telling our story!
68 years: The Nakba continues

68 years: The Nakba continues

Manuel Hassassian The 15th May marks the Palestinian Nakba. The word Nakba means ‘catastrophe’ because that is exactly what happened in May 194... Read More

Nakba 2016: Then and Now

Nakba 2016: Then and Now

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Nakba, Ambassador Manuel Hassassian says: “The Nakba is ongoing as long as the occupation continue... Read More

Thoughts of the prominent Palestinian intellectual,  Dr. Ghada Karmi, on the occasion of the anniversary of the 68th Nakba.

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