Palestinian Mission to the UK Welcomes Historic Labour Party Motion

LONDON // Palestinian Mission to the United Kingdom welcomes the passing of a Labour Party motion calling for immediate action to curb the “ongoing Nakba” in Palestine.

Among the measures Labour members voted for were an ethical trade policy and an end to the arms trade with Israel and “effective measures” including sanctions to counter Israeli violations of international law like settlement construction and the blockade of Gaza.

The motion also calls for  the immediate recognition of the State of Palestine on 1967 borders, and calls on Israel to remove its wall in occupied territory and respect the right of return of the Palestinian people.

This is an historic motion, said His Excellency, Ambassador Husam Zomlot, and one that underlines the Labour Party’s “commitment to international law and human rights.

“The vote comes despite a vicious years-long campaign by Israel’s supporters in the UK to stifle debate on Palestine,  and defame and eject supporters of Palestinian rights from the Labour Party.

“By passing the motion, Labour Party members have shown they will not be intimidated into silence.”

“We thank them for their support and congratulate the Labour Party for showing it has the courage of its convictions.”

The conference also cited a resolution issued by the UK’s Trade Union Congress in 2020, in which it described Israel’s settlement activity as part of the crime of apartheid committed by Israel in the occupied territories, calling on trade unions in Europe and all over the world to “join the international campaign to stop annexation of lands and end the apartheid regime.”

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