Dr Zomlot warns against Israel’s attempt to stir up a “religious confict”

In an intervidw with Russia Today’s Going Underground programme on 20 March, Dr Husam Zomlot said that Israel was pushing for a religious war in the Middle East with its zealous policies and actions against the Palestinians.

He said: “The Netanyahu government is insisting on transferring the conflict from a political conflict to a religious one. They see the world throught the prism of an Armageddon.”

Dr Zomlot warned that this was a “dangerous game”.

“More than 50 years of military occupation and 70 years since the Nakba, we are not aware of any case where Israel has really done a due legal process that brought soldiesr or officers to justice,” he added.

In a comment on the calls on Britian to stop the export of arms to Israel, he said: “This is the legal responsibility of the UK government to make sure that its weapons and bullets do not end up in the bare bodies of children, women and peaceful demonstrators.”

The full interview can be seen here.

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