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NEW BOOK: Place is the Passion Reframing the Israel/Palestine Conflict

May 18, 2016, midnight

The shameful Israel/Palestine Conflict must end

Only International Pressure can halt Israel’s Colonisation

This remarkable new book presents a case for a single state that is fair to both peoples

Place is the Passion

Reframing the Israel/Palestine Conflict

by Bill Williamson

Any solution to the dispute is impossible, while Israel pursues an aggressive program of settlement expansion and ethnic cleansing. The author draws extensively on Jewish sources to prove Israel is on the wrong track.

The author looks beyond the moribund two state solution, which he likens to Apartheid, to show there is a better future achievable for both peoples: one that is secular, democratic, bi-national, culturally vibrant and economically successful.

Israel and its Jewish Critics

This book makes it clear that the most incisive criticism of Israel is coming not from fringes of the European Left. It comes from Israelis and ant-Zionist Jewish groups abroad who produce uncomfortable evidence that, Israel is not the society its Western supporters imagine it to be.

Place is the Passion

ISBN 978-1-871204-33-9

Can be ordered from any good book shop or direct from the publisher at

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