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One of Palestine’s largest Call Centre and Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) takes part in UK Call & Contact Centre Expo at London ExCeL

March 29, 2019, midnight

H. E. Dr Husam Zomlot and Commercial Trade Representative Majdi Haj Khalil received the delegation of Reach Telecom - Palestine at the Palestinian Mission in London.

Reach is one of the leading Call Centres management companies in Palestine and was taking part in the Call & Contact Centre Expo on 27-28 March at London ExCel.

Established in 2009, the company offers customer service and contact services in several languages, with a workforce of 260 seats that handle 45,000 calls per day.

Reach emerges as a representative of a business sector that builds on the availability of well-trained and skilled workforce in Palestine.

Dr. Husam Zomlot said: “We are delighted over our representation at the Call & Contact Centre Expo and the participation in the business-to-business activities in the UK.

“I would like to thank Reach for accepting our invitation to come to the UK. They are doing the one thing we need the most, which is the engagement with one of the most skilful human capital in the region.”

For his part, Commercial Trade Representative at the Palestinian Mission to the UK Majdi Haj Khalil said: “Any Palestinian representation in any of the UK ICT events is a positive move towards added international markets, especially since the UK evolving market is always in need of outsourcing some of its services, such as call centres, BPO and others.

“Palestinian Companies have already explored the international markets and formed partnerships with various companies. For example: 50 percent of companies have partnerships outside Palestine and 30 percent are exporting services and products.”

The Palestinian trade representative went on to say that “major joint R&D projects include CISCO, Intel, HP & Microsoft”.

Palestine have showcased impressive resilience over the last decade to develop a capable and growing Information Technology services (IT Services) sector. Palestinian companies are already successfully delivering work in services such as software development, maintenance, and business process services for clients in the United States, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Holland, UAE, and other countries. Leading local companies are actively, like REACH, servicing clients in renown companies such as CISCO, Microsoft, Intel, Cadence, and IBM. These services are in demand in the UK, amongst the world’s largest and most dynamics markets for IT Services, with an ICT sector that is worth £120bn.

Expansion of the presently small base level of trade in IT Services between the UK and Palestine, and following the Extension of EU/UK FTA, offer the opportunity of generating mutual benefits for both economies – economic value for UK-based firms, and growth in Palestinian services, which could potentially yield hundreds of quality jobs for youth.

The Palestinian ICT sector currently employs 6000 people and makes up almost 7% of its GDP. Therefore, Palestine can be commercially attractive for international IT companies, who are looking to develop, invest or award general IT contracts such as Call & Contact Centres, since it can offer a low cost highly skilled labour, especially in Gaza, if compared to the average cost in UK or other Arab neighbouring countries. The time difference is only two hours between UK and Palestine. Data connections are very reliable. IT capabilities exist across a range of skills, from lower skilled call centres and data entry work, to higher skilled software development in a number of languages, including Arabic. Finally, skilled personnel require no movement when it comes to delivery commitments and deadlines, therefore, it is risk free, if the political situation is taken into consideration.

Contracting Palestinian companies is also an opportunity to contribute to peace and helping Palestine to reduce unemployment and curb on poverty, as a matter of fact, the British Government pledged to increase ICT contracts in Palestine by 1% in order to assist in the state building and to ensure that peace is not negotiated politically only but through business to business relations as well. Therefore, International companies can build their confidence by starting with low-risk and small contracts (products) that require short delivery time. Some of them are already developing software in Palestine today.


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