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Palestinian envoy to the UK lauds Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) work

Jan. 26, 2019, midnight

Head of the Palestinian Mission in the UK H.E. Dr Husam Zomlot praised the efforts by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) delivered at its Annual General Meeting in London on 26 January 2019.

The PSC, and its 56 branches all over the UK, have been instrumental in lobbying UK policymakers and increasing awareness of the cause of Palestine in the political and humanitarian discourse in the country, said Dr Zomlot.

He congratulated the outgoing chairman of PSC, Mr Hugh Lanning, on his major contribution as the leader of the PSC since 2009. "Since I have met you 20 years ago, I encountered your rock-solid, unwavering love for Palestine, love for peace, love for humanity," said Dr Zomlot, adding "I salute you".

"I will be the one witnessing your knighthood as the Knight of Jerusalem" added Dr Zomlot, in reference to one of the highest Palestinian decorations.

In his note, Dr Zomlot went on to laud the grassroots action by PSC and many other groups. He said that nothing testified to that more than the number of Palestine flags seen in the audience of the Labour Party annual conference. That, he explained, would not have happened without the rigorous and persevering work of the PSC and similar organisations.

Dr Zomlot noted that the awareness work by British grassroots organisations helped in thwarting many anti-Palestinian actions and motions, especially in the UK parliament.

He refuted the baseless accusations of incitement and payments to families of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons that are often exploited as rationale for hostility towards Palestine by UK-based groups.

"We teach diversity to our children," said Dr Zomlot, adding that the existing tolerance and harmony between Muslims and Christians in Palestine was a testimony on that.

Commenting on the funds spent on the support and rehabilitation of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, he said: "They must look at the illegitimate, illegal military court system in the occupied territories, which has more than 99 percent conviction rate and has more than 300 children being tortured, imprisoned and detained as we speak."

"It is our responsibility to provide for their families and we will provide for these families," he asserted.

Dr Zomlot singled out for praise UK members of parliament, such as Richard Burden, Andy Slaughter and Julie Elliott, who have recently stood up for human rights by calling on the UK cabinet to act and end the injustice in Palestine.

Dr Zomlot said that in spite of the growing support for Palestine, there were several challenges ahead and that the UK government is expected to act in response. He said that the preserving and defence of the international system in the face of Trumpism was paramount, given the growing threat of populism.

He said that the international law must be implemented and that British law on the import of illegal Israeli settlement products must be enforced.

Dr Zomlot added that Britain must recognize Palestine without waiting for the end of a protracted US-led negotiation process that has already produced nothing over the past 30 years.


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