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Dr Zomlot discusses challenges and opportunities for Palestine in a talk at LSE

Jan. 17, 2019, midnight

H.E. Dr Husam Zomlot said during a talk in London that the leaks made to the media about an alleged US peace plan were mere “tactical distraction”.

He added that Palestine will emerge from the current set-up by the US and Israeli administrations as they have done in the past.

Dr Zomlot discussed the current challenges faced by the Palestinians and the host of opportunities presented by the ongoing impasse in the US-led peace process and changes in the UK and the USA.

He said that the suspension of various forms of US aid to the Palestinian Authority was part of an attempt to “denationalise the Palestinian issue” and to turn it into a solely humanitarian issue. He said that the current US strategy seeks to push the Palestinians into a “slaughter lane” with a series of threats and bullying measures that reflect “lack of understanding of the right to self-determination and the rights of peoples and nations”.

Dr Zomlot further noted that a participatory peace process was in due order following the failure of the USA as a peace mediator.

He highlighted the potential role that could be played by the UK. He said: “This provides a very unprecedented opportunity for a country like the UK. Nobody expects the UK to substitute the USA. Nobody expects the UK to lead it alone. We do expect the UK to be part of an international momentum, whose priority is to preserve the vision of the two state solutions.”

The talk was organized by the Middle East Centre at the London of School of Economic (LSE) and facilitated by Ian Black, the former Middle East Correspondent at The Guardian daily and current visiting fellow at LSE. The talk was attended by LSE professors and students.


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