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Ambassador Zomlot urges commitment to UK law on Israeli settlements, arms exports to Israel on Lobby Day

Nov. 28, 2018, midnight

H.E. Ambassador Husam Zomlot called on the UK Parliament to recognise the State of Palestine and uphold British law regarding settlement product labelling and the export of UK arms to Israel.

The remarks were made during the annual Lobby Day at the UK Parliament, which was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

The Ambassador said: “Lobby Day is significant because of the timing and the extreme right-wing groups who are adamant on [adopting] anti-Internationalism, anti-liberalism, anti-openness and anti-solidarity.”

He went on to praise “the cross-party, bipartisan support which was manifested in this house [of parliament] only four years ago during the vote for the recognition of Palestine”.

The Ambassador highlighted “the hypocrisy of cutting funding to UNRWA then calling to relieve the humanitarian situation in Gaza”.

The Ambassador also brought to the attention of the audience that “according to British Law, British weapons are not going to end up in the bare bodies of civilians”.

He said that “we are not after guilt but [after] leadership, to acknowledge the past and back UK policy on the two-state solution.”

He said that recognising Palestine would be the first step towards this end, adding that the current situation in the Palestinian territories is moving towards a one-state reality.

On a final note, the ambassador praised the work of UK MP Layla Moran, who recently presented a bill to the parliament for the recognition of the State of Palestine.


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