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Words of Farewell from Ambassador Manuel Hassassian

July 1, 2018, midnight

My time here as Palestinian Ambassador to the UK is coming to an end and I will be moving on to pastures new. It has been my pleasure and honour to serve the cause of Palestine here in London. I hope I have made a difference and I am determined to continue to do so.

Many of you have helped me in the difficult job I have had to do in a great variety of ways: whether by your good advice, your practical suggestions, your positive energy or by your solid support and comradeship. I have been lucky to have made many good friends and to have got to know so many good souls working for freedom and justice for Palestine. The demands made of me as Ambassador have been very great, however, and sometimes lack of time and other pressures may have prevented me from getting to know many of you better, from lending an ear more often and from following through on good ideas and, for this, I hope you will be able to show your understanding.

As I leave the United Kingdom, there is still much do for Palestine and I am sure my successor will start where I left off and continue to work in new and innovative ways. It has been a momentous final year for me which involved campaigning to commemorate the tragedy of Palestine as a result of the Balfour Declaration and the Nakba seventy years on. My only regret is having to leave the UK without witnessing the British government’s long overdue recognition of the State of Palestine but I am confident this will happen sooner or later. Our cause, as Palestinians, is one which cannot be ignored forever and whether in ten, fifty or another seventy years, we will succeed in our struggle and justice will be done.


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