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Ambassador Hassassian at LSE

Jan. 18, 2018, midnight

Ambassador Hassassian spoke about the new realities for Palestine/Israel at LSESU Mena Society, yesterday, with Dr Ian Black and Prof Yossi Mekelberg. The topic for the symposium was The Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process in rapidly changing geopolitics and was chaired by Prof Toby Dodge.

His Excellency Manuel Hassassian spoke about the breakthrough at the Palestinian National Council last weekend which will mark a new era for Palestinians. This will be characterized by a very cautious approach to US mediation after President Trump’s recent betrayal of Palestinian trust and by a new approach which takes into account Israel’s shooting down of the Oslo Accords and rescinding on all its promises. The Palestinian leadership will now focus on reconciliation within its own political domain and lobby hard for UN Security Council recognition of the State of Palestine. Other topics included two-state/one-state scenarios and the growing support of BDS.

Ambassador Manuel Hassassian and Dr Ian Black


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