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Fire Brigade Union of Scotland helping Palestinian Firefighters

Jan. 15, 2018, midnight

The Fire Brigade Union (FBU) of Scotland is doing something quite extraordinary and infinitely commendable. It has brought 7 Palestinian firefighters from the occupied West Bank town of Hebron to take part in a training course to enhance their skills and provide hands on experience in the latest firefighting techniques. The project is led by FBU Palestinian Support Unit Coordinator, Jim Malone.

The FBU has a long and proud history of supporting the people of Palestine in their struggle for human rights and self-determination. It has facilitated training projects and the delivery of kit and equipment to Palestinian Civil Defence and Municipalities of Nablus and Hebron.

The current project involves the firefighters, who arrived in the UK on 5th January, undertaking Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) CABA foundation training course at Uaill. The FBU is facilitating this project in partnership with SFRS and the Scottish Government in what has been called a “unique bespoke initiative” along with financial assistance from the Municipality of Hebron and the United States Support Command (British Support Team).

During their trip, the Hebron firefighters have attended a reception at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood and will be attending a reception at Westminster on 18th January, joined by Ambassador Manuel Hassassian, before their return to occupied Palestine on 19th January.

The FBU will be running a second training event in March when 8 firefighters from the Palestine Civil Defence Unit in Ramallah will also receive training at Uaill.

In partnership with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the FBU has now facilitated training courses for over 100 trainee Palestinian firefighters since 2009.

You can see some of their work in the moving and inspiring film, Firefighters under occupation (

At Holyrood


Palestinian firefighters and their trainers


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