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The shame of Israel’s disregard for Palestinian life

Dec. 20, 2017, midnight

‘The killing of Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh shows Israel in all its true and very ugly colours.’

Prof. /Amb. Manuel Hassassian

International law strictly prohibits the use of firearms against protestors unless it is unavoidable in order to protect life. It is well known, however, Israel does not comply with international law especially when it comes to the Palestinians. That is why Israeli soldiers recklessly used live fire, last Friday, against Palestinian demonstrators last who were protesting against the recent US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, injuring and killing indiscriminately. Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, a young man of 29, a wheelchair-bound amputee was one of those killed.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said the shooting of the wheelchair user, in the head, by Israeli soldiers was ‘incomprehensible- a truly shocking and wanton act’ especially as the young man posed no imminent threat when he was killed.

Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh lost his legs when an Israeli helicopter targeted him in a missile attack when he took down the Israeli flag and raised the Palestinian one, on the border of Gaza, in an act of resistance, in 2008.

The cruel and deliberate killing of this young disabled Palestinian, by Israeli soldiers, is emblematic of Israel’s total disregard for Palestinian life, for humanitarian values and international law. How long will Israel, as an occupying force be allowed to act in this way by the international community without suffering the consequences? How long will Israel be allowed to commit gratuitous and lethal acts of violence against Palestinians, as if Palestinian lives count for nothing? The killing of Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh shows Israel and its illegal occupation for what it truly is, deeply inhuman and hideously callous and brutal. It is a mark of shame on the international community that it has been allowed to get away with it for so long.


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