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The Balfour Centenary shall be a turning point for the Palestinian Cause

Nov. 6, 2017, midnight

The Balfour centenary which fell on 2nd November last week may have passed and the media attention may have subsided but the meaning of the Declaration and the 100 year anniversary of this great injustice and origin of Palestinian dispossession is still alive in the hearts of all Palestinians everywhere and their supporters.

Last Saturday, thousands of Britons turned out to march on a PSC demonstration and participate in a rally in central London to protest against the continuing suffering of the Palestinians and ask the British government to actively seek justice for Palestine and Make It Right. The hashtag #MakeItRight is still trending on social media after a successful international twitter storm on the eve of the anniversary last week, on 1st November, including in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. #MakeItRight trended 4th in Israel that night and Theresa May’s and Boris Johnson’s accounts were bombarded with pleas to do the proper thing and make it right.

Saturday’s march began in Grosvenor Square with Ambassador Manuel Hassassian launching the protest in his speech and issuing a rallying call to the marchers before they set off to stop traffic on Piccadilly Circus and Whitehall, ending before the Houses of Parliament for the main rally. Many speakers addressed the crowds in Parliament Square including keynote speaker, Mustafa Barghouti.

The Palestinian Mission’s own advocacy campaign had a presence at the rally with its very own digi van screening the advertising images banned by Transport for London which had been previously doing its rounds, that same morning, in central London before it came to support demonstrators.

The digi van will be continuing its rounds in central London this week, broadcasting the message that Balfour’s promise in 1917 to safeguard the rights of the indigenous Palestinians was broken and the Palestinian people are still waiting for an apology and reparation one hundred years later. The same campaign is still running on 52 London black cabs in the capital.

The fact that our Balfour campaign which was banned from London tube stations quickly found another platform on London black cabs and on our very own digi van, is allegorical of the Palestinian cause itself. The power of our message and the justice of our cause shall never be suppressed and will rise again and again to speak truth to power.

Our story is one which appeals to values of fairness and justice in every person who has a social conscience and thus, it will never be silenced. We will continue to tell our story and advocate our cause until proper reparation is made to the generations of the Palestinians living in diaspora, in refugee camps, under occupation and in Israel’s apartheid state. We will continue until we have our own sovereign state where we can live in peace, recuperate our past and build a bright and prosperous future.


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