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Transport for London bans our awareness raising campaign on the Balfour Declaration

Oct. 18, 2017, midnight

We are deeply disappointed that TfL refused to run our modest advocacy campaign which aimed to raise awareness, among the British public, about the way the Balfour Declaration affected the Palestinian people. It was appropriate and timely to run this campaign as we mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, which was instrumental in the forced expulsion of the Palestinians from Palestine who made up 90% of the population in 1917.

There is an old adage which is very fitting: The truth will out!

The Guardian is running a story today about our blocked campaign:

Despite TfL’s attempt to suppress Palestinian voices and censor the Palestinian narrative, such a historical wrong cannot be ignored forever. Britain has unfinished business when it comes to Palestine. It has a legal and moral responsibility which must be acknowledged. Restorative action must be taken to give back the Palestinians their basic rights and self-determination.

There would be no better way to mark the centenary than for the British government to formally recognize the State of Palestine, pressure Israel to end its occupation, its building of settlements on Palestinian land and its siege of Gaza.

100 years later after the Balfour Declaration, we hope and trust there will be a second declaration from the British Foreign Office, the Johnson Declaration which will finally honour the broken promise of his predecessor. It is time for the British government to make real reparations for the Balfour Declaration and make it right for Palestine.


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