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Success for British Palestinian artist as she becomes one of four Turner Prize nominees

Oct. 3, 2017, midnight

British Palestinian, Rosalind Nashashibi is one of four nominees of the prestigious art accolade, the Turner Prize to be announced on the 5th December. Her growing success in the art world is reaching new heights.

In works such as Electrical Gaza 2015, Nashashibi combines her observations of domestic life in Gaza with animated sequences to reflect on issues of community. Images of families and friends engaged in everyday activities are punctuated with stark reminders of the local political conditions, while physical and imagined borders amplify the sense of geographical isolation. (

Nashashibi, was born in Croydon in 1973 and is now based in Liverpool. Her father is a Palestinian from Jerusalem and she has visited Palestine since childhood. She says that once when she was very young, they picnicked on the beach in Gaza. She says people would not think of Palestinians picnicking on the beach and it is important to show people as more than two-dimensional characters. Referring to her recent work on Gaza she says that she felt a responsibility ‘to go there and try to convey what was around me, rather than to convey some idea of an objective truth of the situation there’.

Nashashibi received her BA in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam University and her Masters in Fine Arts from Glasgow School of Arts. Her work can be seen at the Turner Prize exhibition which has now opened at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull. She has also just featured in the once-every-five-years exhibition, Documenta, in Athens and Kessel, Germany, the equivalent of being nominated for an Oscar in the art world!

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