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Conference: Palestine 1917 to Present

July 1, 2017, midnight

Conference: Palestine 1917 to Present



12:00 am - 7:30 pm


The Studo, Questors Theatre

12 Mattock Lane


2017 marks the centenary of the UK Government’s Balfour Declaration, and 50 years since Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

West London PSC has arranged a day conference on ‘Palestine 1917 to Present’ to explore the issues of Palestine and Palestinian rights.

There is a great panel of Palestinian and international speakers.

The Conference is arranged into three sections – with time for discussion built into the timetable.

1. The Balfour Declaration to the Nakba (Catastrophe) : Ghada Karmi

2. The Ongoing Nakba: Yara Hawari -Settler Colonialism, Ronnie Barkan -Citizenship, Nationality & Discrimination, Marwan Darweish -Popular Unarmed Resistance

3. What Is To Be Done? : Haneen Zoabi and Ben Jamal

Tickets are £15 available on line from the Questors Theatre booking Office

Click here or order by phone on 020 8567 5184


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