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The Success of the Palestinian Pavilion at IFE 2017

March 22, 2017, midnight

Exhibitors at The Palestinian Pavilion at the IFE 2017 said they were proud to be there to represent Palestine and the local producers whose products were on display, including those of a new women’s cooperative. Palestine’s presence at Britain’s biggest trade show for food and drink was a landmark for Palestinian commerce.

Ambassador Manuel Hassassian was there at the inauguration of the event which was presided over by Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, George Eustice with whom he discussed how much Palestine had to offer in the agro-industry. His Excellency Hassassian and Majdi Haj Khalil, Commercial Trade Representative to the UK, mingled with the visitors who came along to see and taste what Palestine had to offer.

The Palestinian participants at the show were very happy with the substantial interest their products generated, particularly the dates and olive oil. They were satisfied with the turnover and described the quality of visitors as high. They were also very encouraged and believed Palestine’s presence was a positive development and were enthusiastic about their experience except for difficulties obtaining visas. They hoped to be back in force at the next event in 2019.


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