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Ambassador Hassassian meets with Minister for the Middle East

Feb. 24, 2017, midnight

Ambassador Hassassian met with Tobias Ellwood, Minister for the Middle East, on Tuesday, 21st February to clarify the UK government’s position on vital issues concerning Palestine.

The Ambassador welcomed the fact that Minister Ellwood reiterated and confirmed the UK government’s longstanding commitment to the two-state solution. In addition, Mr. Ellwood assured HE Manuel Hassassian that the UK government will do all within its power to sway the new US administration to recognise and support the two-state solution as the only framework for the resolution of the conflict.

Minister Ellwood, also, took pains to reassure the Ambassador that the UK government will not be celebrating the Balfour Declaration but will be marking it. The meeting concluded with Minister Ellwood expressing his government’s deep concern about the current situation in Palestine and clearly stated that its support for UNSC resolution 2334 was a distinct articulation of its opposition to illegal Israeli settlements.


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