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Israel does not allow Palestinians to live or die in dignity

Dec. 21, 2016, midnight

Israel’s brutal policies against the Palestinian people is a pure reflection of its fake and alleged democracy, that is, democracy for the Israelis and absolute oppression against the Palestinians.  Amb./Prof. M.Hassassian

Yet again Israel has been put to shame by the very victims of its brutal occupation and humanitarian violations. The most vulnerable Palestinians, with nothing left to protest and resist with except their own bodies, have shown the world the true nature of Israeli repressive state apparatus.

Anas Shadid, 20 and Ahmad Abu Farah, 29, were arrested without charge in August and imprisoned without trial and have both been on hunger strike since late September, in protest of being held under administrative detention. Both young men are approaching their 90th day without food and Shadid has been transferred to an intensive care unit in the last few days.

The use of administrative detention of Palestinians has been condemned by the United Nations and all international humanitarian organisations as a clear violation of international law yet the Israeli government shows no shame or remorse in using this mechanism of domination and intimidation. In fact, it is going still further in accentuating its total lack of concern for Palestinian lives. The Israeli Supreme Court will meet to decide whether the two young prisoners will undergo force-feeding which is tantamount to torture. This violates human rights at the very basic level.

Palestinians are arrested because of their legitimate resistance against occupation and discrimination, because they insist they must live in dignity. Prisoners, such as Shadid and Abu Farah, continue to resist in prison through the only means left to them, through hunger strike.

Israel is using the colonial legacy of administrative detention which it inherited from the British Mandate government in Palestine. Under international law today, to be arrested without charge and imprisoned without trial is illegal. The United Kingdom, therefore, has a special moral responsibility to press Israel to respect human rights and abide by international law. Administrative detention has been used by Israel against all members of Palestinian society including women and children. 700 hundred Palestinian children are imprisoned every year in Israel, many under administrative detention.

We demand that the British government acts immediately to save the lives of these young Palestinian men and condemn Israel’s blatant violations of humanitarian and human rights law.


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