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Ambassador Hassassian at UCL Union Diplomacy in Action Society

Dec. 14, 2016, midnight

Last night, Ambassador Hassassian was invited to the UCL’s Diplomacy Society to speak with a selected band of predominantly Masters students from variety of disciplines.

He spoke of the current stalemate of the Peace Process and what the transition from an Obama to Trump administration will mean for the Middle East in general and for the Peace Process in particular.

“There are very worrying signs” he said which could mean “the end of the two state solution, the building of more illegal Israeli settlements which breech all international humanitarian conventions”. His Excellency Hassassian said that Israel’s so-called legalization of 4000 of these units is an omen of things to come. Meanwhile, Israel is saying that there is no Palestinian leadership and discrediting President Abbas, while the Netanyahu government is veering more and more to the right.

All this points to a reality where there will be no hope for a solution for the Palestinians. This, in addition to the dire economic situation in Palestinians areas will force a reaction whereby there will be an outburst of despair among the population.

Europe is busy trying to cope with the fallout from the war in Syria, the US is in an inert transitional period and the Arabs are trying to cope with the chaos in the entire region.

So the Palestinians are absolutely alone and deserted and can only work unilaterally to fight Israel in International organisations such as the UN agencies and at the International Court of Human Rights and International Criminal Court. The Ambassador concluded by saying the efforts of the Palestinians, at present, can only focus on the illegality of the settlements within the UN and pursue the debate for the Recognition of Palestine at the Security Council.


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