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Ambassador Hassassian at Durham University

Dec. 7, 2016, midnight

1st December 2016

His Excellency Manuel Hassassian was invited yet again to The Durham Union Society to address a new generation of students about the complexities of the contemporary situation in the Middle East. He spoke to a full house about the current conditions of anarchy and strife in the region and its impact on the peace process. Speaking of the rise of ISIL and the reasons for its formation, he said that whatever happens in the military arena, the ideological ramifications will be felt for years to come.

When it came to the Israeli occupation and Palestine, the Ambassador did not hold back about the current stalemate, the continued land grabs by Israel to build more illegal settlements and the daily incursions by the Israeli army into Palestinian areas to demolish Palestinian homes and conduct terrifying raids in the ongoing brutal mechanics of occupation.

The Ambassador also alerted the packed hall of the significance of this coming year for Palestinians as it marks 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 70 years since the Partition Plan, 50 years of Occupation and 10 years of the Siege of Gaza. He also gave an overview of the Arab and French Peace Initiatives.

Finally, he spoke of national political arena in Palestine where the 7th Fatah Congress has just taken place and its importance in creating a new political platform.

His Excellency Hassassian concluded by saying that there was no military solution in the case of Palestine and even though this was a dark time for all those who are working hard for a negotiated solution peace would come, peace was inevitable.


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