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Ambassador Hassassian at the 9th Peace and Sport Forum

Dec. 6, 2016, midnight

HE Manuel Hassassian spoke with feeling about the major role sport can play in minimizing conflict at the Peace and Sport Forum in Monaco on 25th November. He explained how sport speaks an international language which is humanistic and is not racist. It is a language of teamwork.

Such teamwork and the spirit of cooperation is needed more than ever to restart negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis to end the occupation of Palestine. There can be no real peace until there is a definitive end to the occupation.

The annual Peace and Sport Forum is presided over by its Founder and President Mr Joel Bouzou and Prince Albert of Monaco is its Patron. It welcomes hundreds of delegates from all over the world comprising of presidents and foreign ministers as well as presidents of Olympic federations.

Ambassador Hassassian represents President Mahmoud Abbas at this uplifting and peace affirming annual gathering and he used the opportunity to remind fellow delegates that this was a very significant year for the Palestinians as it marked 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 70 years since the Partition Plan, 50 years of occupation and 10 years of the siege of Gaza.

The Ambassador said that the time was well overdue for Palestinians to be able to enjoy peace and to participate in sporting events with all other nations as equals where common humanitarian values apply to them as to all others.


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