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The Israeli military seize the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

Oct. 6, 2016, midnight

"Israel should stop its piracy on Palestinian territorial waters"

Manuel Hassassian

Israel has again, today, showed its total disregard for humanitarian values by intercepting an international flotilla, 40 miles off the cost of Gaza, which set sail from Barcelona last month, to break the Israeli blockade as a symbolic show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Its all-female crew of 13 activists was headed by Irish Nobel peace prize laureate Mairead Maguire. Its international crew also included a retired US colonel and former South African Olympic athlete.

The Israeli blockade of Gaza which will reach its tenth year, next summer is a human rights disgrace. The interception, arrest and likely deportation of supporters of Palestinian human rights demonstrates that, despite the Israeli narrative to the contrary, Gaza remains under Israeli occupation.

We ask the British government to listen to its own conscience and show the courage to take concrete action to challenge Israel’s incessant human rights abuses against the Palestinians and those who support them.


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