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Condemn Israel for its inhumane use of an obsolete British law

Aug. 22, 2016, midnight

Israel’s policy of administrative detention breaches humanitarian law and is a pure reflection of its nature as an apartheid state and a rogue state.

We demand that the international community act swiftly on behalf of the Palestinian political prisoners before it is too late! Ambassador Manuel Hassassian

Today is the 68th day that Bilal Kayed has refused food, protesting his detention without charge or trial, by Israel. His health is deteriorating very fast and UN Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories, Robert Piper, said Bilal Kayed and all Palestinian prisoners held without charge, by Israel, should be released without delay.

Bilal Kayed was placed under administrative detention on the day of his scheduled release, after completing a fourteen and half year prison sentence. There are now some 100 Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike protesting their own arbitrary arrest and detention and demonstrating their solidarity with Mr. Kayed.

The number of administrative detainees is at an eight year high and highlights Israel’s controversial use of this draconian mechanism which violates international law.

We ask the British government to intervene and pressure the Israeli government to release Bilal Kayed and all prisoners held without charge. Israel is using this legal legacy of administrative detention which it inherited from the British Mandate government in Palestine. The United Kingdom, therefore, has a special moral responsibility to press Israel to respect human rights and abide by international law. Israel should not be allowed to continue to flout humanitarian values without the severe censure it deserves.


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