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Shocked and Saddened by London Attack
The Success of the Palestinian Pavilion at IFE 2017
Marking International Women’s Day, Ashrawi calls for empowering Palestinian women.
Palestine has lost a staunch friend and defender
Ambassador Hassassian meets with Minister for the Middle East
The British PM’s invite to Netanyahu for the Balfour Declaration centenary disrespects Palestinian sensitivities.
No hope for justice for the Palestinians with the May-Trump-Netanyahu alliance. The Ambassador meets SNP Leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson
Britain should condemn illegal Israeli settlements today
Ambassador Hassassian meets Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn
Ambassador Hassassian meets Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Israel does not allow Palestinians to live or die in dignity
Hanan Al Hroub opens the London Stock Exchange
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and Campaign Launch to Make It Right
99 years and counting! Make it Right for Palestine Campaign 2017
Join us to Make it Right for Palestine! Campaign Launch
The Israeli military seize the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza
President Mahmoud Abbas Speaks at the UN
Condemn Israel for its inhumane use of an obsolete British law
Protect Palestinian child prisoners
Remembering Palestinian Refugees on World Refugee Day
Palestine has lost a true friend
We Palestinians will never tire of telling our story!
68 years: The Nakba continues

68 years: The Nakba continues

Manuel Hassassian The 15th May marks the Palestinian Nakba. The word Nakba means ‘catastrophe’ because that is exactly what happened in May 194... Read More

Nakba 2016: Then and Now

Nakba 2016: Then and Now

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Nakba, Ambassador Manuel Hassassian says: “The Nakba is ongoing as long as the occupation continue... Read More

Thoughts of the prominent Palestinian intellectual,  Dr. Ghada Karmi, on the occasion of the anniversary of the 68th Nakba.
Thoughts on the Nakba from a Palestinian living Britain: Dr. Abdel Salam Mraish
Why is Britain silent on the extrajudicial killing of Palestinians?
A Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners Palestinian Prisoners' Day 17th April 2016
Britain will be judged by history for its failure to support the Palestinian people
It is high time for the UK Government to act: Israel defies the international community and grabs more Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank
Palestinian Teacher Wins Global Teacher Prize
PLO Statement on new British “Guidance” against Boycotts, including Israeli Settlements
Save Muhammad al-Qiq and Condemn Israeli torture and illegal detentions
Israel is Destroying the Cremisan Valley, Bethlehem
A Call for Solidarity from Palestinian Citizens in Israel
Ambassador Hassassian at Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Annual General Meeting, Saturday 23rd January 2016
Human Rights Watch: Don’t do business with Israeli settlements

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