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Disappearing Palestine: Maps from 1922 until the present

The following maps attempt to give a picture of the changing geography of Palestine starting with it as a designated British Mandate territory in 1922. Prior to this Palestine was under Ottoman rule for 400 years. It had been historically a distinct region in its own right with a geographic and cultural identity of its own. The maps here show how historic Palestine was divided, first by the United Nations, then by de facto land-grab by Zionists militants in 1948-9 and then again by Israel’s war of aggression in 1967 which seized still more land from the Palestinians.

The maps also show the refugee exodus and all the Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948 by the new self-declared Israeli state. The final map in the series shows 22% of historic Palestine, the territory upon which current peace negotiations are based. This small area itself has no holistic integrity congruence as it is peppered with Israeli settlements, illegal under international law, and further divided by a crisscross of settler-only roads which Palestinians are prohibited to use. These roads split communities and villages from their agricultural land and children from their schools. The apartheid wall has expropriated still more of this small piece of land meant for a future Palestinian state.

The maps have been sourced from credible and recognised research centres and organisations and are accurate at the time of publishing.

Below is a series of maps which give an overview of disappearing Palestine since the 1948. The following pages give more detail and information:

Source: Informed Comment: Juan Cole


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