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Stone and Marble

According to the available studies and literature, the stone and marble sector is considered to be one of the most significant and most active industries in Palestine. This sector contributes approximately 25% to Palestine’s overall industrial revenue and 4.5% to the total Palestinian GNP.

The stone and marble industry has around 1124 facilities and is also distinguished for having the largest percentage of employment of the Palestinian labour force with more than 25,000 workers engaged in the sector. The total annual revenue of this industry is estimated at $600 million, 65% of which comes from exports to Israel and about 15% come from direct exports to international markets (USM Statistics) and 20% in the local market . However, a significant percentage of the Israeli share is re-exported to other markets.

Palestine is characterised by the presence of high-quality natural stocks that are high in quality and come in multiple types, which ranks us 12th globally in the stone industry.


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