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Palestine's Technology Week- EXPOTECH 2017

West bank and Gaza

November 2017






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Table of Contents


Main Organizer

Palestinian IT Association of Companies - PITA

Is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs with the vision of advancing the interests and positive societal impact of Palestine’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

PITA has become the driving force in advancing the ICT sector’s interests, and the leading information source about this sector in Palestine representing more than 150 major ICT companies in Palestine’s emerging technology and start up ecosystem.

Envisioning a Palestinian nation that nurtures innovation and contributes to world knowledge, PITA, in consultation with all players in the ICT ecosystem, has established its three-year strategy for the development of the private ICT sector with the purpose of leading it towards an innovation-based economy. The ultimate target is to place Palestine on the global ICT map!


2.1 Background

EXPOTECH is a major week-long event that is held annually in West Bank and Gaza Strip under the patronage of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas to expose the ICT sector in Palestine and to serve as a vehicle for discussing state of the art technological trends locally and globally within its main components: the IT Exhibition and the IT Conference Days with their besides activities such as Business and Technology Forum and Multinational Days.

For its 14th year, EXPOTECH is being organized by PITA for 5 sequential days to showcase the success stories of the ICT Palestinian businesses and entrepreneurs within a national week highlighting the global technological trends, business & investment opportunities and addressing the continuing importance of building IT awareness and potential growth for innovation and entrepreneurship.

2.2 Main Objectives

• To engage Palestinian creative solutions and mindsets with a wider pool of businesses, investors and initiatives.

• To strengthen the connections with ICT educational and vocational institutions bridging the gap.

• To spot the light on the entrepreneurial and innovators talents.

• To connect the ICT Sector in Palestine with global industry trends.

• To spotlight the change that technology can make within industrial, educational, financial and other sectors

• To increase the public-private dialogues of how can ICT boost connecting vital aspect lives, consequences and challenges besides the actions to be taken to drive the way forward.

• To spread awareness about the importance of modernizing the Palestinian businesses with technology solutions targeting external and local markets.

• To highlight Palestinian innovation & technological solutions within this year theme and provide a platform for engagement and interaction between tech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other relevant stakeholders.

• To connect with Palestinian Diaspora.

• Provide ICT companies, entrepreneurs and partners with the opportunity to organize Pitch Solutions.

• Engage with different businesses and supportive parties such as banks, government, manufacturers, service providers, NGOs, international delegations and others.

2.3 Event Stakeholders

• PITA and ICT Companies

• Entrepreneurs and Startups

• Government Organizations

• Educational and IT vocational institutions

• Financial institutes & Investors

• Palestinian Diaspora

• Economic, industrial and business leaders

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4.1 Core Pillars

4.1.1 Accelerating Innovation in the Digital Age

Technology and Digital Innovations have changed the variables of the global equation. The power of these disruptive forces are transforming every single industry and affecting life aspects with high consideration of the exponential technological growth.

For example, Google is considered as one of the major disruptive innovations in the digital age. Getting people connected with access to knowledge and experiences was just the starting button, while researches do consider the year 2007 as a flashing point in the human history with the introduction of iPhone, global launching of Facebook, Twitter, the open source software Hadoop for Big Data, GitHub and other platforms. At the that time, the internet crossed a million user and since then our vision towards life has changed! (Friedma, 2016). Yet, our rate as human beings to understand and diffuse the exponential growth of technology is dragging. We simply cannot keep up with the exponential rate of change and incorporate it all. For this new “dynamic stability” model of organizational and lifelong learning, opportunity lies.

Technology Adoption Drag Source: (Friedman, 2016)

This opportunity is an attractive point for companies and creative mindsets to create further innovative products, services, solutions and systems that foster a fast learning and smart governing.

In the innovation economy, creativity and imagination are the main drivers of value. In the digital economy, the challenge is found in creating an encouraging environment for innovation from the internal aspects towards having the external end results.

Thus to accelerate innovation in the digital age, a focus shall be for internal innovations aspects having the right integration between R&D tools, infrastructure, intelligent human resources, and convenient marketing. Internal Innovation Source: (Savoia, 2017)

4.1.2 ICT as a Catalyst for Innovation and Future Developments

From the macro perspective, the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector itself is seen as an innovative sector. ICT is key to help enterprises reducing their costs, improving processes, boosting innovation, and increasing productivity. ICT also makes the public sector faster and more community-friendly. ICT improves education, enables job creation opportunities, enhances the medical care services provision, increases safety and provides greater quality of life.

4.1.3 From Innovative Ideas into Growing Businesses

Connected to an intelligent and growing global competition, company´s performance is joined with its chances to stay on market. Currently, innovations are critical at maintaining place on a market and thus to reach more than the survival mode edges, to be very successful, a company has to seek areas that are outside of its core competencies and invest in it for expansion and growth.

Entrepreneurial innovation has been also considered not only for individuals but also for companies processes, to encourage innovation, Google as an example has a 20% policy that allows employees to work on areas out of their responsibilities to create an internal equivalent of a small startup. Having such a powerful environment in addition to launching, testing and feedback tools fosters innovation that may not yield all of the time to a successful product but it is an encouraged philosophy with an award system for success.

Far away from the giant enterprises, small and medium size companies and entrepreneurs can also have disruptive innovations that can be translated from ideas, into products, into startups. With further Access to Market opportunities, and Access to Finance tactics, startups and existing companies can accelerate their businesses.


5.1 Announcement Press Conference

A press conference is conducted to announce EXPOTECH in partnership with Ministry of IT and Telecommunications and the main sponsors of the event. Press releases in local and regional newspapers and online media channels are spread.

5.2 Gala Dinner/Opening Ceremony

VIP Invitations to ICT sector stakeholders and key representatives including public and private sector, donors, leaders and high level decision makers as an excellent opportunity for networking and launching of EXPOTECH week activities.

5.3 ICT Exhibition

The IT Exhibition is a major key player in EXPOTECH. It is considered as a showcase of technology and creativity levels of ICT companies solutions besides the innovation of entrepreneurs and universities graduates.

• Participation is based on IDEA (existing prototype, application, project, initiative etc) that is intersected with any of the main core pillars of EXPOTECH.

• Call for Participation is open for Member Companies, Non-Members, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Universities and Researchers.

• Selection Committee approves participation and align it under the most relevant pillar.

• The ICT Exhibition has two main zones: 1- Commercial/Professionals Zone, 2- Innovation Zone.

5.4 Technology Conference & Multinational Days

The Technology Conference is a source of trended know-how in the digital industry with a focus on the national and international knowledge. It provides a vital interactive linkage with sectorial stakeholders, high level representatives and decision makers within the conference discussion panels and informative interactive sessions.

The conference sessions covers topics under the main pillars of EXPOTECH that address Visionary Leaders, Experts, and Partners through [Call for Speakers] and [By Invitation].

EXPOTECH Week attempts to attract multiple multinationals to conduct several trainings and seminars across universities in the WB & Gaza contributing to knowledge transfer and further development of the human talent.

The conference sessions undertake different formats as below:

Conference Sessions Example of Topics:

Pillar Type of Session Suggested Topic Type of Speakers

Accelerating Innovation in the Digital Age Panel Discussion Investment in Infrastructure and Ecosystems in Palestine Decision Makers

Partner summit, Panel Discussion Boosting Innovation in R&D and Academia Programs Private Sector ,Academia , Int. Experts

ICT as a Catalyst for Innovation and Future Developments Keynote, Presentation How can ICT boost non-ICT sectors Local Experts

Presentation Unleash the Innovators—Entrepreneurial Innovation at Global Enterprises e.g Google Int. Experts

From Innovative Ideas into Growing Businesses Partner summit, Presentation Outsource to Palestine Int. and Local Experts

Awarding Technology & Innovation Awards Announcement Success Stories of local company, entrepreneurs

5.5 Technology and Innovation Awards

To recognize special innovations in the field of technology and research. EXPOTECH launches competitions for innovative products and services of running companies and entrepreneurs besides creative research papers of academic professors and graduates.

• Competitions and Awards have dedicated selection committees of national tech leaders and experts in the theme of the award.

• The process of each competition is launched before EXPOTECH.

• Winners who pass the process successfully are given the chance to present their creative and innovative work within the biggest celebration of Palestine's technology sector.

• Winners are also given a special financial prize.

Day 1

Gala Dinner WB&Gs

Day 2

Technology Conference WB&Gs Technology & Innovation Awards Announcement Gs

Day 3

ICT Exhibition Gs Multinational Days WB Freelancing & Outsourcing Bootcamp Gs

Day 4

ICT Exhibition Gs Multinational Days WB B2B & Diaspora Linkages

Day 5

ICT Exhibition Gs Closing Ceremony

5.6 EXPOTECH Week Agenda


Are you an innovator or a technology expert who is interested to join the biggest technology event in Palestine?

Do you know an expert or a talented graduate with creative work in ICT?

Are you interested to be part of the organizing team?


“EXPOTECH witnessed the launch of a number of pioneering initiatives in the ICT sector, which demonstrated the remarkable skills and capabilities of young technology-savvy Palestinian programmers. The ICT sector represents Palestine’s gateway to the world as it rises above borders and mobility restrictions imposed by the occupation.”

Dr. Mohammad Mustafa

Chairman and CEO of Palestine Investment Fund (PIF)

“EXPOTECH continues to be an exciting event with a fresh perspective year after year. It facilitates the meetings and networking of decision makes to explore potential technology transfer while providing better understanding of a vibrant and promising market”.

Eng. Ashraf Arafeh

Former CISCO Manager, Jordan & Palestine


 Increase Exposure and Get Branded

Seize the opportunity of an unconventional and creative ICT celebration and build new connections using online and offline tools.

 Grow Your Market

Meet Multinationals, Angel Investors, VCs, Local and International Delegations .. Connect Your Business and Grow!

 Celebrate ICT

Showcase your success stories, create opportunities, and expose the novelty of the sector.

Sponsorship Packages

For further details about EXPOTECH Activities and Sponsorship Packages,

Please contact:

PITA West Bank Office

Amani Muady

Advocacy Officer

Ougarit Building – 4th floor, Irsal Street, Al Bireh, Ramallah

P.O.Box 2460

Tel: +970-2-2958447/5

Fax: +970-2-2408479


PITA Gaza Office

Lina Shamia

Regional Manager

Al-Sourani Building- Behind Al-Shefa' Hospital

Gaza - Palestine

Tel: +970-8-2881110

Fax: +970-8-2840216



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