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Welcome to the website of the Palestinian Mission in London, United Kingdom. The Palestinian Mission has been functioning since the early 1970s. Initially, as the PLO information office, our role as representatives of the PLO and the Palestinian National Authority in the UK developed into the Palestinian General Delegation (PGD) in 1993 recognised by Her Majesty’s government. Following the successful diplomatic strategy the PGD was upgraded into a Mission in 2011. The growth and recognition of the Mission was a successful outcome of the continuous Palestinian struggle for independence, statehood and self-determination.

As a Mission to the UK we advocate a peaceful Palestinian state with secure and internationally recognised borders encompassing the West Bank and Gaza strip with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. We believe that through international support, recognition and advocacy of an independent Palestinian state we can help in facilitating peace in the region.

The Palestinian Mission in the UK now has its 5th representative in London, Ambassador Manuel Hassassian. Building on the work of his predecessors, Ambassador Hassassian continues to develop institutional and official links with the British government and the public.Our function as the Palestinian Mission consists of furthering political and cultural empowerment and generating awareness of the Occupation in Palestine, and to represent the interest of the Palestinians in the Diaspora. We recognise that the Mission plays an instrumental role in society and we will continue to improve and develop our bilateral relations with the government, parliament, political parties, diplomatic corps, partner organisations and the community at large.

We hope that we can expand our network and engagement with the British public and diverse communities and, in doing so, bring the issue of Palestine to the forefront.

Let us look to the future with determination and confidence about the work still to be done and what is still to be achieved.


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