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Ambassador Hassassian on Russia Today
Ambassador Hassassian at UCL Union Diplomacy in Action Society
Ambassador Hassassian at the MEDays Forum 2016, Amadeus Institute
Ambassador Hassassian at Durham University
Ambassador Hassassian at the 9th Peace and Sport Forum
Ambassador Hassassian at The News Line Anniversary Rally
The Ambassador at the Global Diplomatic Forum
Ambassador Hassassian tells Boris Johnson a thing or two at the Conservative Party Conference
The Ambassador at the Labour Party Conference
Ambassador Hassassian on LBC: Watch it now!
Protesting for Palestinian Prisoners
The Ambassador at The Guardian Newspaper
The Nakba Speaking Tour 2016

The Nakba Speaking Tour 2016

His Excellency Manuel Hassassian has had a busy two weeks, tirelessly travelling up and down the country on a speaking tour as part of events to comme... Read More

Ambassador Hassassian at Clare Politics Society, University of Cambridge
Ambassador Hassassian at the Annual Policy Meeting of the Conservative Middle East Council
Breakfast with the Archbishop of Canterbury
Ambassador Hassassian at the World Policy Conference, Montreux, Switzerland
Challenging Young Minds, Caius Politics Society, Cambridge University
Speech Delivered by HE Manuel Hassassian at SNP Conference Fringe Meeting, Aberdeen

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