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Consular Services

Documents issued in the United Kingdom that need to be used in Palestine must be legalised by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) then authenticated by the Palestinian Mission (PM). Such documents include:

• Birth certificates

• Marriage certificates

• Divorce certificates

• Educational certificates from schools and universities

Fees for all the above documents are £10 per document.

Fees for all commercial documents are £80 per document and are payable by cash to Palestine National Fund For further information on the FCO rules please click here

Documents issued in Palestine that need to be used in the UK must be legalised by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then authenticated by the PM then the FCO.

There are no fees for documents legalised by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

See Menu Heading, Consular Services for more information about legalisation of documents, passports and Power of Attorney.

Consular Opening Times and Appointment Booking

All applicants for consular services are required to make an appointment

Consular services are available between 10:00 – 13:00 Monday to Thursday.

To arrange an appointment or for any enquiries please contact:

Mr Ahmed Mansur


Tel: +44-2085630008 (option 2)

Fax: +44-2085630058


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